Top 10 Most Listen To

I am back! HAHAHA. Well, actually I've made my comeback last week. Comeback kali ni adalah untuk this legendary section called "Top 10 Most Listen To". Untuk korang newbies a.k.a newbs a.k.a noobs, this is the section where I list down the 10 songs that I listen to the most through out the past week. So, enjoy!

10. T-ara - Lead The Way

Seriously, I feel really bad for these girls. After that bullying HUGE SCANDAL, the group never seemed to recover. What was once seemed like the biggest contender for Girls Generation, now have turned into some mi-tier girl group. Poor, T-ara. They never failed to put out good songs. Like this one. But, it is what it is. Still enjoy the song, though.

9. Lily Allen - Sheezus

When I first hear this song, I was like "Oh no, she didn't!" The British singer threw in some pop vixens names in the chorus including Rhoanda, Basic Perry, Borde, and Lady Swine. Craving for attention? Don't care. The song is crunk-ish as fuck. Trust me, if you listen to it, you will fall in love with how smooth the beat is and how cute Lily Allen perky vocal sounds.

And I truly believe that the Queen B that she mentioned is Godney The Holy Spearit, not Beyonce the Thief.

8. Caitlin Rose - Own Side

I first fell in love with the song after the video of that cute little girl singing this song went viral. I searched for the original one and I got addicted to this song on the spot. Caitlin's vocal suits this song so very well. A slow tempo country-ballad that tells us the most honest description of what comes after all of the screaming and crying and the constant rejection of your plea for another chance. She sings:

"Who's gonna take me home? Coz I don't wanna go it alone..."

Now, isn't that is just shocking, but unbelievably honest?

7. Joanna Pacitti - Out From Under

Britney Spears covered this song on her 'Circus' album and I loved it to death. There is something absolutely magical and beautiful about Godney's crisp vocal in delivering ballad. Any hoo, back to this song. I always love a beautiful ballad, and this version of the song is non-exception. This is supposed to be a soundtrack for a tacky movie called "Bratz". Never heard of it? Trust me, me neither. As well as 99.75% of the Eearth's population.

6. Our Last Night - Wrecking Ball

This is a post-hardcore band originated from the US of A. They did so many amazing covers of popular songs, but this want gets my attention right away. Their deliverance is completely different than the original one (the way how covers SHOULD be). And that moment when Matt sings the 1st chorus with his lower voice... OVARY EXPLODED.

5. 2NE1 - Come Back Home

I don't understand the hate that this song has been getting from some of the pop bloggers out there. I mean, this song is generic-2NE1 (in a good way), catchy, melodic, and easy to listen to as well. What else do you need from a manufactured pop band from K-Pop scene? If you wanna listen to some deep shit, stop listening to K-Pop. All in all, I give this song a 10 out of 5. U MAD?

4. Sia - Chandelier

Just when Work Bitch by Godney seemed to die down, Sia come out with this song and once again restore my faith in pop music scene. Although it might sound like all the other top 40 hits out there with hipster-hop beats, soaring chorus, repetitive and catchy lines, but Sia's vocal is always on point. If her vocal don't get you (meaning that you are deaf) then the lyrics will hit you right in the heart where it will make you cry. 

And I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes / Keep my glass full until morning light, ’cause I’m just holding on for tonight / Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes.”

Anyone that's partied the pain away (like I used to be) will going to connect with this song in a SHIT JUST GOT REAL kinda way.

3. Shakira - Broken Record

I have never heard Shakira sings this kinda song, and the result is amazing. It is more stripped down and have this acoustic feel around it and this song is soooo believable, reaffirming someone she loves of her affection, having said it "700 times". Don't be judging, bitch. We all do the same. Texting your bae "I love you", "I miss you", "Don't leave me", and all those kinda shits literally every 2 seconds. That is why this song sounds so sincere and genuine - because we all can relate to it.

2. John Legend - All of Me

There comes a time when a song can be so simple - a piano-driven ballad, with honest-to-God simple lyrics, and it touched your heart in so many ways. This is one of those songs. Trust me. This song was inspired by his wife, that woman on the video. I guess he just poured his heart out along those beautiful melodies. And that beautiful voice of his really add up to the fact that this is one of the most cliche and generic song out there, but somehow, it is also one of the best ballads ever produced. Fact.

1. Fynn Jamal - Arjuna Beta

I love Fynn Jamal. I adore her styles of writing and her voice is truly one of a kind. This song is created during the early stage of her pregnancy, just the way Godney wrote one of the best ballads of all time - "Someday (I Will Understand). It is almost a symbolic towards what she wants to say to her son when he grows up. Everything that you can expect from a mothers' advice can be found in this song, but yet, being the poetic and melancholic writer that she is, she managed to write those advice in such a beautiful and poetic ways. Kudos for her.

And by the way, I listen to this song a lot especially when I miss my mom. That's all.


Bitch is Back!

Well, well, well... guess who's back? It's Akie, biiiiitch. LOL.

Ya ampun. Gila lama nda membebel sini. Hampir 5 bulan juga la aku meninggalkan blog yang tercinta ini. HAHA. Alasan? Seperti biasa. Gue lagi sibuk. Tapi kali ni betul-betul sibuk. And ada sedikit malas laa. Tu aku jujur cakap.

Tapi takpa. Tu semua cerita masa lalu, jangan diungkit. HAHA. Ni semangat baru kata orang. Pembawaan baru. That's why siap ubah header lagi. Ubah layout lagi. Header biru lembut, layout putih suci murni berseri. Sesuai dengan jiwa saya sebagai seorang malaikat kecil yang jatuh terhampas ke Bumi. Ecinggg. HAHA. Aku siap letak lagu-lagu slow favorite aku lagik so sambil layan blog ni, boleh korang layan lentok syahdu. Sebab aku nak korang tenang-tenang jek kalau layan blog aku. Nampak tak betapa caringnya aku kat u ols?

Well, life has been surprisingly good so far. Yeah, sebelum ni memang macam screwed up a lot, tapi kebelakangan ni, Alhamdulillah, I am slowly getting my life back on track. Slowly, but surely. In shaa Allah. (Tolong amin kan ya kawan-kawan...)

Aku rasa semua ni bermula waktu aku balik Tawau for a VERY short holiday. 4 hari ja ya aku di rumah. But those 4 days were absolutely amazing. For those 4 days aku jadik surirumah yang sangat berdisiplin, sama macam setiap kali aku balik rumah. Aku menyapu, aku mengemas, cuci kain, masak air, and part yang paling aku suka sekali: MEMASAK. Cooking is a getaway for me everytime I go back home. Tanggungjawab besar tu. Ya laa, my mom busy, so I have to take over the kitchen. Kena sedia makan tengah hari untuk my dad kalau dia balik kerja, then kena sedia minum petang diorang jugak, and of course makan malam. I enjoyed doing this for my family. Dapat jugak laa dorang rasa air tangan aku. I tried to do every single thing possible through out those 4 days. Sapu rumah, mop lantai, cuci kipas, masak air... EVERYTHING.

Rasa macam aku sudah sedar tanggungjawab aku kalau di rumah. Instead of looking at my vacation macam satu treat to getaway and be the king, I turned that vacation into a trip yang mana I can take care of my family as much as possible. I feel really good. WAlau pun sekejap jek aku stay di rumah, but I feel so damn close to my family. After all, COOKING really bond us.

It is amazing how you can have a different view of life in one day, and the next day the view is completely different. Macam aku la. Ntah kenapa sekarang ni aku rasa betul-betul I need to take responsibilities. Well, it is long overdue, but still. That is why I am slowly trying to get better with my life.

My study seems to be heading on the right direction. After stalling for an entire sem, this sem I move further. Rasa macam sangat-sangat yakin sudah pasal my research. Everything is covered now, ada sikit laa here and there rompong, but time will get me through it. So, wish me luck, okay?

Aku mau jugak kongsi pasal personal life aku di sini (as I always do) but you know what, maybe not this time. I will dedicate an entire chapter for it sebab mustahil amu talk about it in this post. Sangat banyak yang perlu dicerita. HAHA.

So as for now. Here it is. My current post. Aku janji lepas ni aku try my hardest to post as much as possible, and as often as possible. Just wait for it, okeh? And of course, the legendary My Top 10 List will be coming soon. So, stay tuned!


Top 10 Most Listen To

After almost more than 3 months, my top 10 list is back. This edition is for the whole week starting from  the 4th to the 10th of November. Enjoy!

10. Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'

I first listen to this song on my friend's car and I have been obsessed with the song ever since. I love the simplicity of the lyrics but yet they are so deep. I find it beautiful that this guy still writes letter to his special one. One of a kind vocal, I must say.

9. Passenger - Let Her Go

I first found out about this song through a YouTube cover and it was about 2 or 3 weeks after that that I finally gave the original version a listen. Worth it.

8. Adele - Hiding My Heart

Nothing beats Adele when it comes to heartbreaking ballad. This cover of hers really hit home since I am facing the same thing that the song is portraying. It is truly an emotional journey listening to this song even when i don't wanna be vulnerable. I guess you just can't stop being emotional when you are listening to Adele's ballads. Fuck you, Adele.

7. Kahi feat Dumbfoundead - It's Me

Kahi has always been one of my favorite K-Divas ever since her stint with After School. She made a comeback with this song and I loved it. I love a mid-tempo song that you can dance your ass off to, and this song is it.

6. Britney Spears - Passenger

OMG I feel so guilty for this. "Passenger" is one of the tracks from Godney's upcoming album "Britney Jean" and it leaked earlier this week and I just cannot control myself to listen to the song and get addicted right away. This song is about her being a "passenger", a homage towards her conservatorship situation that she is in right now. With this and Perfume, this album is shaping up to be her most personal yet. I really cannot wait for it, but until then I really wish that Godney will forgive me for I have sinned.

I am a huge fan of Indo-pop, and at point I feel like I have more passion towards this scene compare to Malay music scene. These bands always use the same formula in making songs: simple and realistic lyrics, repetitive hook (catchy, even on their ballads), mellow delivery, and most of all, beautiful melody that hooked into your head on first listen. Wali Band and Kangen Band are one of the pioneers for these formulas and this song stimulate the formula just perfect.

4. iamNEETA - Terima Kasih

Although I admitted before that I don't really listen to Malay songs, but it doesn't mean I abandoned the scene completely. I have been searching this song for quite a while now since I first listened to it on a bus on the way to UMS, and I found it like 3 days ago. There is a little resemblance between the song and Karma by Cokelat, but a good song, is a good song. And Nita has one of the most angelic voices ever.

3. Avril Lavigne - Hush Hush

The motherfucking princess is back with another album (a flop one, again) and I personally think that this is the top 3 best songs from the album. Avril is known for her pop rock/pop punk influence in her song, but she did ballad extremely well also. Remember this and this?

2. Britney Spears - Work Bitch


1. Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

I know I am late to the party, but I don't give a fuck. This song has been on heavy rotation on my playlist. I just love the song although I hate JT to death. Plus, there are so many brilliant covers of the song like this and this and it just add to my craziness towards the song. Plus, there is a rumor that this song is actually dedicated not to his wife, but to his legendary ex, Miss Britney Spears.

There you have it for now. See you on the next edition!

Apparently, I am Still Alive

Well, the title says it all. I am still alive.

It has been a hectic couple of months. I am solo fucking busy. Like busy people kind of busy. That is why I seemed to neglect this flop blog altogether. That and the fact that I don’t really have the strength (or willpower) to update this blog. There you have it. Me being honest. Wow.

Seriously though, I am super busy over these past few months. Like most of y’all should know by now, I am continuing my study for my master’s degree and it is one hell of a hard work. This is not like preparing for my final year project, this is the real deal, this is it. I cannot afford to screw this one up. This is the breaking point for my future career as a sport science lecturer.

I think all of these supposed business really took it tolls on me. If you don’t know how busy I am, let me put you into light. I am a part time lab demonstrator, for 2 different lab sessions. And those lab sessions will take up to 14 hours per week. Then after that, I have to check the lab reports as well – 72 students for 2 different subjects: equals to 144 lab reports per week. Other than that, I am doing this charity "extra” work as well which is I will attend to these kids’ needs. These kids as in my juniors. Whether it is how to do a lab report, how to make discussions, how to elaborate their ideas, and even how to plot a graph – yes. I help them all. See, I am a very good “teacher”, I supposed. I am going to do all I can to make sure that these kids do well.

Other than being a good samaritan to these kids, I have to focus on my study as well. See, I am still in the process of preparing my proposal but it is a lot of work. I need to read tons of articles, refer to huge numbers of research, then I have to go through my basic knowledge of human physiology and exercise physiology just so I can make a damn good proposal. Do you know how hard it is to read all of those articles with terms applied that I haven’t even seen in my life before? It is crazy! Plus, I have volleyball as well. With all of these things going on with my life right now, 24 hours is not enough for a day.

I am always occupied. My time is always occupied. In the morning I will do this, then I will do this, afterwards rushing to do this, and then this, and so on so on. Then, when I reached home at night I will only have time for dinner, surfing the internet for about 45 minutes, then go to sleep. So, with all of these going on, I don’t have time to stop – just to stop and feel. I am so busy with my professional life that my personal life seems to be neglected. I don’t have time to think about what I feel or how am I supposed to react to certain things. All I ever feel is distress and tired and exhausted.

At points, it feels kinda good that I don’t get to feel anything. I don’t feel mad; I don’t feel sad, or even disappointed. But then again, I don’t feel happy as well. I don’t feel excited. I don’t feel the joy, even when I play volleyball. And when night falls, right when I am about to sleep, everything will fall into place and I will feel miserable and shit and I even cry thinking how suck my life is right now.

I hope that this is only a temporary situation. I cannot afford being in this state of emotion-less. I truly feel like I need to get away. I need to go on a vacation and just let it all out for a full week. Still waiting, though.

Well, the holiday is coming to an end and my life seems to be in that same circle over and over again. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this thing. I feel like I am a time-bomb waiting to explode. For real.

That’s all for now. Gonna try my hardest to update this blog more often. See you soon.

PS: my top 10 list is coming real soon.

Top 10 Most Listen To

I am back, bitches. Here is another edition of my Top 10 Most Listen To for last week (10-16 June 2013). Enjoy!

10. Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

This used to be my jam back in 2010 or something when I was such an emotionally unstable kid (some thing never change). Don't we all are suckers when rockers belt their hearts out for the girls in this kinda depressing rock-ballad song? I know I do.

9. Icona Pop feat Charlie XCX - I Love It

Everyone knows I love trashy-dance-pop, and this song is the epitome of it. It is the kinda song that you just don't care about the lyrics as long as you can move your body and nod your head along the beats. This song was a HUGE hit for the Swedish DJ duo, being played on TV shows such as Girls, Glee, and even Vampire Diaries. 

8. Alejandro Fern├índez & Christina Aguilera - Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

A beautiful Spanish ballad which I have no fucking idea what they are singing about. But, that's the beautiful thing about music. You don't have to understand the lyrics, but the delivery and the melody of the song speaks for itself. Still, NOT a fan of Floptina.

7. The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Ignore the photo. I first listened to this song from the album Lioness: Hidden Treasures by the late Amy Winehouse (bless her poor soul), and recently I discovered that it was actually a cover of the 60's classic. Y'all might laugh, but do y'all know that this song is listed as the 126th greatest songs of all time by Rolling fucking Stone magazine? And do y'all know that this song has been covered by more than 100 artist (officially)? When will your fave? Never, tbh.

6. Iggy Azalea - Work (Explicit)

She is definitely my favorite femcee right now. Like, for real, Iggy can rap. This song has the same kinda vibe with Kat Dahlia's Gangsta, reminiscing how she overcame all the hardships in her life to fulfill her dream. This song delivered one of the best phrase of the history of rap music entire human's existence: "Valley girls giving blowjobs for Loubotins. What's that called? Head over heels." Flawless.

5. Paramore - Still Into You

Not really a huge fan of this band, but I love some of their works. And how can you not fall in love with Hayley? Kinda a slowpoke here. This song was premiered weeks ago, but I only fell in love with it recently. Whatever. I have more important things to do.

4. Britney Spears - Oh La La

This song is not officially out yet (it doesn't even have an official cover), but I got the chance to listen to the song and downloaded the leaked demo version of it, and I am hooked by the moment the music start. It is typical Britney, auto-tuned with heavy dance beats and crazy lyrics, but I FUCKING love it! Trust me this song is gonna be HUGE and will shit on your faves' discography. I am screaming already.

And oh ya, this song is actually an official soundtrack for the Smurfs 2. Whatevs.

3. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

I honestly love this song. It is a party-song, but the part where every one is cooling down and do the slow-jam before getting crazy and fuck each other on the pool.

2. Beast - Will You Be Alright?

The Gods of K-Pop Ballad are back, and like they always do, they delivered it again in this ballad. The boys can do nothing wrong when it comes to ballad. I am super-excited for their comeback come July. Beast is definitely one of the bands that love to take time with their comebacks and produce not only good songs, but also high in quality. Looking forward for the boys to fuck the music charts with their full-length album again.

1. Rossa - Tak Sanggup Lagi

There comes a time when a song really reflects what you are going through in that particular moment, and you play it on replay over and over again. Well, this song is that song for me. I was going through some "relationship issues" and I was like, fuck it. Enough is enough. I cannot take it no more. which is basically what the song is all about.

This song really speaks to me, lyrically. And since I was in a vulnerable state of emotion, the melancholy ballad melody add up to why I rape the replay button on this one. It is truly an awesome song to listen to when you are having a breakdown. LOL.

Life Is A Roller-Coaster Ride

Wow. It has been a while since my last post. And I really mean it. It HAS BEEN A WHILE. It's not like I am giving up on this blog or whatever, geez, my blog is fine. It's just I have been too busy with my study, with volleyball, and simply busy being fabulous. Deal with it.

Life has been a true roller-coaster ride lately. Well, emotionally speaking. It is kinda funny how my mood swing from one to another. One minute I am the happiest unicorn in the world living in the fantasy land and poop rainbow candy, and the next minute I will be as miserable as those old ladies from the Titanic movie. I don't know if it is healthy for me or not, but one thing is true; emotions are created for us to embrace, so why not?

The most important thing for me right now is trying not to be a bitter person. I need to learn how to control my emotions, not to get overly attached with something/someone, and just enjoy the ride. I realize that most of my emotional disturbance is caused by my negative thinking, so I need to work on that department.

I always believe that the journey towards becoming a better person is a day-to-day struggle, it really is. One day, we might fall of the wagon. But for me, that is okay. We are human. We are bound to make mistakes. What's important is that how are we going to stand up and get on that road again and fight. I have to say I have that moment where I feel like I wanna give up being nice and continue being the old me. It will be much easier that way. But then again, that is the reason why I am a lone-ranger. It's because I push people away. I want everything to go on  my way, and if it doesn't, I will start a rampage. And that is not good.

I have this ability to push people away. It's my super power. LOL. It's just something that I do. There were so many good people that came into my life and I pushed them away just like that simply because they don't roll my way. HAHA. That is the problem with me. I am pushy, I am overly-attached, and I am a bitter person. So that's why I need to change.

I am still struggling to be that better person. I have to say, I am doing good. It is a small step-by-step that I am taking. There are some hard days, but honey, you can't make a rainbow without some raindrops, right? So, I am trying. And I am fighting to be a better person.

I know life is a complete roller-coaster ride. One minute you're up there in the sky, and the next minute you are down near the ground. There are so many things going on in that roller-coaster ride. But one thing that I have learned is that when you are going in for the ride, put your hands up and scream and enjoy that fucking ride.

I am Coming Home

Uhh. Sungguh excited hati beta. Besok pagi mau balik Tawau. AWYEAHHH!!! Dah 3 bulan kot nda balik. Ini kali lahhh!

Well, this vacation cannot come at a much better time. Ngam betul laa sekarang, considering how fucked up things are now. HAHA. Things are getting pretty "heavy" right now. I don't know what happen, but things seem to be going downhill. A lot of it has to do with my personal relationship issues. Yeap, I cannot believe I will let this thing to take over me. But shit happened, I mean, look at your face. LOL. Just kidding.

So, this vacation will be a perfect get away for me. I will take this week off to just stay away from all the dramas, regroup and refocus, and pull myself together. Let things slow down on their own, and then I will take action when I can see clearly already.

Hopefully I will come back stronger and a much better person. I need to learn how to truly forgive, for that is the only way to make my heart a better place. In the mean time, Imma take my time off and enjoy my vacation!

See you soon. :)

"I Go Through Life Like A Karate Kid"

You say you're strong, you went to hell and back
But none of those nightmares is something that I can take
Compared to me who go through life like a karate kid
Life has no mercy, even a little bit.

Say you're tough, fight till the break of dawn
But can you imagine fighting emotionally on your own?
Used to be parts happiness but now it's gone
Fighting on my own, stand up all alone.

At times I feel like giving up, at times I feel broken
There are so many words that left unspoken
The pain will never stop, so I have to be strong
I am all by myself, everything feels so wrong.

Wish I could turn back the hands of time and fix this
Coz I can't pretend that you don't exists
But as for now I seems to be helpless
I've admit my sins, no more time to confess.

Say you're strong and tough, but I'm not impress at all
I fight the unthinkable fight, all on my own
I fell on my back, I cried, nd now I crawl

Special shout out to Mari, who inspires this poem. I feel your pain.

All Is Well

First and for most, I would like to apologize sebab nda dapat update my blog this week. Again. Huhu. Bukan pasal pa, busy gila wehh. Nanti aku update gak tu Pujaan Hati but y'all need to wait next week for my new post on Top 10 Most Listen To.

Baa. Macam yang aku cakap, memang busy gila weh. Mostly it is regarding on my master's degree. Alhamdulillah, sudah settle semua urusan. Punya banyak cabaran time minggu pendaftaran tu. Thank God I have my family. My mom and dad, as well as my bro and sis never stop supporting me. Rasa bersalah jugak sebab terlampau membebankan dorang but this is the path that I have chosen. Ini pun utk my parents juga. InsyaAllah nanti aku balas jua semua jasa dorang dengan aku. Amin. Urusan permohonan biasiswa pulak berjalan lancar. Thanks to my bestie la sbb sama-sama susahkan diri. HAHA.

I have the chance to do the thing that I love right now, which is teaching and sharing knowledge. Sudah jadik demonstrator untuk lab sekarang. Enjoy jua la sbb dapat share ilmu and ajar my juniors everything that I used to learn. It gives me a new perspective towards people. Teaching allows me to stop looking at them as strangers, but instead as a junior who is wiling to learn. Tambah-tambah lagi aku kenal some of them, so it was fun.

Sekarang sudah start volleyball season lagik. It was a tough starting for me. Ya laa. Da gained weight, plus sudah berapa lama tidak sentuh bola. HAHA. But now we have been playing like crazy. So slowly, I am getting my rhythm back. But still need lots of improvement. Game paling dekat ni nanti mid-March di Beaufort. It will be my 1st game since SUKIPT. Tapi yg best nya, ada 2 game lagi dtg menyusul, Liga Sukan UMS dengan Sukan Massa. Naa. Ini kali lah!

Personally, I am in a much better place now. Ya la. Semua urusan suda setel (bila kunun aku mau pi buat kad matrik ni?). Plus, I already made a promise that I will be nice to my shitheads. Hehe. So far I am doing good. Bukan apa, rasa mcm hidup da mula stabil, sudah mula happy, so patutnya aku kenak jadi lebih positif. They are my shitheads after all. They are the ones that make me happy. Tapi bukan setakat dorang ja la. Semua orang pun aku layan sama. Lupakan sengketa lama orang bilang. Forgiving is one step forward down the road towards happiness. Forgetting might be impossible, but time heals all wounds. So I will just have to wait.

Tu ja la update setakat ne. All is well. Harap-harap berterusan. Amin. Ba tunggu ja la my next post on Pujaan Hati and Top 10 Most Listen To. Ngantuk sudah ni. Penat dari volleyball session. Selamat malam dunia.

Top 10 Most Listen To

I am back! Lols.

Before I go any further, let us remind ourselves of the tragedy in Lahad Datu. Semoga Allah bagi jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik, dan terus melindungi orang-orang di Lahad Datu. Al-fatihah untuk perajurit tanah air kita yang terkorban dalam usaha mempertahankan tanah air kita sendiri. #PrayForLahadDatu

Sorry nda dapat post last week sebab I have been busy with alotta things. So, here I am, updating this list again. And this is the 10 songs I listen to the most for the past week (22 Feb - 1 Mac 2013). Just so you know, you guys boleh klik tajuk lagu tu kalau korang mau check out the song, sebab dia linked directly ke YouTube. So, here we go!

10. G Dragon feat Kim Yuna - Missing You

I think this is the 2nd time this song made the list. I just can't have enough of it. The melody is so so good, GD's rapping is flawless as usual, and that whistling is so fucking addictive. Kim Yuna's sweet and girly voice fit right on with the song, although I don't know who the hell is she.

Eminem has always been one of a very few rappers that I listen to. I have the up-most respect for Slim Shady, not only because he is the single white male that has become the most successful white rapper in the black-men-dominated industry, but also as an amazing lyricist. Eminem often told stories with his lyrics and most often it is about his life. This song is no exception. We get a peek into his private life on the stand point of his daughter, Hailie. A very personal song, where he talked about how his daughter piled up the box in front of the door begging him not to leave, and he even rapped about his then-estranged wife, Kim. Truly touching.

She is the female version of Sinatra. With the lips of Angelina Jolie and that vintage personality, Dalai Lana slayed me with this song. What is more romantic than meeting a stranger that changed your mind about love in a very old-school style of Lana? Plus, the melody will stick on your head after a few listen. Trust me.

I found out this song through the amazing PS22 Chorus when Britt came as a guess performer and when I watched the video of them singing this song, I am hooked. But I prefer the featuring PS22 Chorus version than the original one. But hey, everyone is to their opinion.

One of the best metal bands ever exists, Nightwish will forever be my idol, especially the bad bitch herself, Tarja Turunen. This song is one of my favorite tracks of all time and it inspired me to write so many of my dark and depressing poems.

I feel bad for Ms. Carly. After delivering the biggest pop song of 2012 with the addictive "Call Me Maybe", the bitch seems to fall on the 1 hit wonder category - considering how her 2nd single "This Kiss" did nothing to the chart, and her EP flopped. This song is so generic, which is understandable that she tries to gain some mainstream follower, but it is so addictive and fun.

Empress B never failed to deliver. This song is taken from her B In The Mix EP, but it shits on most of your flop faves' lead single. YOU MAD BITCH?

Legendary femcee, Eve, is on the trail of her comeback. Despite the song sounds extremely generic and been-there-done-that by lots of artists, Eve's rapping flow is undeniably fierce. Bitch need to get back in the game and she has no strong fan base - hence the generic song. Still good though.

Now, this is another Cinderella story comes to life. Tegar, a small boy who is forced by destiny to become a pengamen since his family could not afford his education, starting to composed his own songs. This is the song that really gained him attention up till the point where he was dubbed "Pengamen Ajaib". Taking the nation by storm, Tegar suddenly appeared in many TV shows including Indonesia Mencari Bakat as a guest performer. On top of them all, he was invited to perform next to the legendary Indo-Band superstar, Noah Band (Peter Pan).

Despite the fact that she slept with dated half of Hollywood hunks, this song is definitely my favorite of hers. Reminiscing all the innocence of love and all the littlest thing that come around such as dancing in the dark with the refrigerator light and keeping your ex's old scarf, this song is a total tear-jerker. Plus, the melody of the song itself is so melancholic and heartbreaking, and Taylor's weak but emotional deliverance just add up to the fragile state of the song, a perfect fit altogether.