"I Go Through Life Like A Karate Kid"

You say you're strong, you went to hell and back
But none of those nightmares is something that I can take
Compared to me who go through life like a karate kid
Life has no mercy, even a little bit.

Say you're tough, fight till the break of dawn
But can you imagine fighting emotionally on your own?
Used to be parts happiness but now it's gone
Fighting on my own, stand up all alone.

At times I feel like giving up, at times I feel broken
There are so many words that left unspoken
The pain will never stop, so I have to be strong
I am all by myself, everything feels so wrong.

Wish I could turn back the hands of time and fix this
Coz I can't pretend that you don't exists
But as for now I seems to be helpless
I've admit my sins, no more time to confess.

Say you're strong and tough, but I'm not impress at all
I fight the unthinkable fight, all on my own
I fell on my back, I cried, nd now I crawl

Special shout out to Mari, who inspires this poem. I feel your pain.

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