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I am back! Lols.

Before I go any further, let us remind ourselves of the tragedy in Lahad Datu. Semoga Allah bagi jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik, dan terus melindungi orang-orang di Lahad Datu. Al-fatihah untuk perajurit tanah air kita yang terkorban dalam usaha mempertahankan tanah air kita sendiri. #PrayForLahadDatu

Sorry nda dapat post last week sebab I have been busy with alotta things. So, here I am, updating this list again. And this is the 10 songs I listen to the most for the past week (22 Feb - 1 Mac 2013). Just so you know, you guys boleh klik tajuk lagu tu kalau korang mau check out the song, sebab dia linked directly ke YouTube. So, here we go!

10. G Dragon feat Kim Yuna - Missing You

I think this is the 2nd time this song made the list. I just can't have enough of it. The melody is so so good, GD's rapping is flawless as usual, and that whistling is so fucking addictive. Kim Yuna's sweet and girly voice fit right on with the song, although I don't know who the hell is she.

Eminem has always been one of a very few rappers that I listen to. I have the up-most respect for Slim Shady, not only because he is the single white male that has become the most successful white rapper in the black-men-dominated industry, but also as an amazing lyricist. Eminem often told stories with his lyrics and most often it is about his life. This song is no exception. We get a peek into his private life on the stand point of his daughter, Hailie. A very personal song, where he talked about how his daughter piled up the box in front of the door begging him not to leave, and he even rapped about his then-estranged wife, Kim. Truly touching.

She is the female version of Sinatra. With the lips of Angelina Jolie and that vintage personality, Dalai Lana slayed me with this song. What is more romantic than meeting a stranger that changed your mind about love in a very old-school style of Lana? Plus, the melody will stick on your head after a few listen. Trust me.

I found out this song through the amazing PS22 Chorus when Britt came as a guess performer and when I watched the video of them singing this song, I am hooked. But I prefer the featuring PS22 Chorus version than the original one. But hey, everyone is to their opinion.

One of the best metal bands ever exists, Nightwish will forever be my idol, especially the bad bitch herself, Tarja Turunen. This song is one of my favorite tracks of all time and it inspired me to write so many of my dark and depressing poems.

I feel bad for Ms. Carly. After delivering the biggest pop song of 2012 with the addictive "Call Me Maybe", the bitch seems to fall on the 1 hit wonder category - considering how her 2nd single "This Kiss" did nothing to the chart, and her EP flopped. This song is so generic, which is understandable that she tries to gain some mainstream follower, but it is so addictive and fun.

Empress B never failed to deliver. This song is taken from her B In The Mix EP, but it shits on most of your flop faves' lead single. YOU MAD BITCH?

Legendary femcee, Eve, is on the trail of her comeback. Despite the song sounds extremely generic and been-there-done-that by lots of artists, Eve's rapping flow is undeniably fierce. Bitch need to get back in the game and she has no strong fan base - hence the generic song. Still good though.

Now, this is another Cinderella story comes to life. Tegar, a small boy who is forced by destiny to become a pengamen since his family could not afford his education, starting to composed his own songs. This is the song that really gained him attention up till the point where he was dubbed "Pengamen Ajaib". Taking the nation by storm, Tegar suddenly appeared in many TV shows including Indonesia Mencari Bakat as a guest performer. On top of them all, he was invited to perform next to the legendary Indo-Band superstar, Noah Band (Peter Pan).

Despite the fact that she slept with dated half of Hollywood hunks, this song is definitely my favorite of hers. Reminiscing all the innocence of love and all the littlest thing that come around such as dancing in the dark with the refrigerator light and keeping your ex's old scarf, this song is a total tear-jerker. Plus, the melody of the song itself is so melancholic and heartbreaking, and Taylor's weak but emotional deliverance just add up to the fragile state of the song, a perfect fit altogether.

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