Top 10 Most Listen To

I am back, bitches. Here is another edition of my Top 10 Most Listen To for last week (10-16 June 2013). Enjoy!

10. Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

This used to be my jam back in 2010 or something when I was such an emotionally unstable kid (some thing never change). Don't we all are suckers when rockers belt their hearts out for the girls in this kinda depressing rock-ballad song? I know I do.

9. Icona Pop feat Charlie XCX - I Love It

Everyone knows I love trashy-dance-pop, and this song is the epitome of it. It is the kinda song that you just don't care about the lyrics as long as you can move your body and nod your head along the beats. This song was a HUGE hit for the Swedish DJ duo, being played on TV shows such as Girls, Glee, and even Vampire Diaries. 

8. Alejandro Fern├índez & Christina Aguilera - Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

A beautiful Spanish ballad which I have no fucking idea what they are singing about. But, that's the beautiful thing about music. You don't have to understand the lyrics, but the delivery and the melody of the song speaks for itself. Still, NOT a fan of Floptina.

7. The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Ignore the photo. I first listened to this song from the album Lioness: Hidden Treasures by the late Amy Winehouse (bless her poor soul), and recently I discovered that it was actually a cover of the 60's classic. Y'all might laugh, but do y'all know that this song is listed as the 126th greatest songs of all time by Rolling fucking Stone magazine? And do y'all know that this song has been covered by more than 100 artist (officially)? When will your fave? Never, tbh.

6. Iggy Azalea - Work (Explicit)

She is definitely my favorite femcee right now. Like, for real, Iggy can rap. This song has the same kinda vibe with Kat Dahlia's Gangsta, reminiscing how she overcame all the hardships in her life to fulfill her dream. This song delivered one of the best phrase of the history of rap music entire human's existence: "Valley girls giving blowjobs for Loubotins. What's that called? Head over heels." Flawless.

5. Paramore - Still Into You

Not really a huge fan of this band, but I love some of their works. And how can you not fall in love with Hayley? Kinda a slowpoke here. This song was premiered weeks ago, but I only fell in love with it recently. Whatever. I have more important things to do.

4. Britney Spears - Oh La La

This song is not officially out yet (it doesn't even have an official cover), but I got the chance to listen to the song and downloaded the leaked demo version of it, and I am hooked by the moment the music start. It is typical Britney, auto-tuned with heavy dance beats and crazy lyrics, but I FUCKING love it! Trust me this song is gonna be HUGE and will shit on your faves' discography. I am screaming already.

And oh ya, this song is actually an official soundtrack for the Smurfs 2. Whatevs.

3. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

I honestly love this song. It is a party-song, but the part where every one is cooling down and do the slow-jam before getting crazy and fuck each other on the pool.

2. Beast - Will You Be Alright?

The Gods of K-Pop Ballad are back, and like they always do, they delivered it again in this ballad. The boys can do nothing wrong when it comes to ballad. I am super-excited for their comeback come July. Beast is definitely one of the bands that love to take time with their comebacks and produce not only good songs, but also high in quality. Looking forward for the boys to fuck the music charts with their full-length album again.

1. Rossa - Tak Sanggup Lagi

There comes a time when a song really reflects what you are going through in that particular moment, and you play it on replay over and over again. Well, this song is that song for me. I was going through some "relationship issues" and I was like, fuck it. Enough is enough. I cannot take it no more. which is basically what the song is all about.

This song really speaks to me, lyrically. And since I was in a vulnerable state of emotion, the melancholy ballad melody add up to why I rape the replay button on this one. It is truly an awesome song to listen to when you are having a breakdown. LOL.

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