I am Coming Home

Uhh. Sungguh excited hati beta. Besok pagi mau balik Tawau. AWYEAHHH!!! Dah 3 bulan kot nda balik. Ini kali lahhh!

Well, this vacation cannot come at a much better time. Ngam betul laa sekarang, considering how fucked up things are now. HAHA. Things are getting pretty "heavy" right now. I don't know what happen, but things seem to be going downhill. A lot of it has to do with my personal relationship issues. Yeap, I cannot believe I will let this thing to take over me. But shit happened, I mean, look at your face. LOL. Just kidding.

So, this vacation will be a perfect get away for me. I will take this week off to just stay away from all the dramas, regroup and refocus, and pull myself together. Let things slow down on their own, and then I will take action when I can see clearly already.

Hopefully I will come back stronger and a much better person. I need to learn how to truly forgive, for that is the only way to make my heart a better place. In the mean time, Imma take my time off and enjoy my vacation!

See you soon. :)

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