Top 10 Most Listen To

After almost more than 3 months, my top 10 list is back. This edition is for the whole week starting from  the 4th to the 10th of November. Enjoy!

10. Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'

I first listen to this song on my friend's car and I have been obsessed with the song ever since. I love the simplicity of the lyrics but yet they are so deep. I find it beautiful that this guy still writes letter to his special one. One of a kind vocal, I must say.

9. Passenger - Let Her Go

I first found out about this song through a YouTube cover and it was about 2 or 3 weeks after that that I finally gave the original version a listen. Worth it.

8. Adele - Hiding My Heart

Nothing beats Adele when it comes to heartbreaking ballad. This cover of hers really hit home since I am facing the same thing that the song is portraying. It is truly an emotional journey listening to this song even when i don't wanna be vulnerable. I guess you just can't stop being emotional when you are listening to Adele's ballads. Fuck you, Adele.

7. Kahi feat Dumbfoundead - It's Me

Kahi has always been one of my favorite K-Divas ever since her stint with After School. She made a comeback with this song and I loved it. I love a mid-tempo song that you can dance your ass off to, and this song is it.

6. Britney Spears - Passenger

OMG I feel so guilty for this. "Passenger" is one of the tracks from Godney's upcoming album "Britney Jean" and it leaked earlier this week and I just cannot control myself to listen to the song and get addicted right away. This song is about her being a "passenger", a homage towards her conservatorship situation that she is in right now. With this and Perfume, this album is shaping up to be her most personal yet. I really cannot wait for it, but until then I really wish that Godney will forgive me for I have sinned.

I am a huge fan of Indo-pop, and at point I feel like I have more passion towards this scene compare to Malay music scene. These bands always use the same formula in making songs: simple and realistic lyrics, repetitive hook (catchy, even on their ballads), mellow delivery, and most of all, beautiful melody that hooked into your head on first listen. Wali Band and Kangen Band are one of the pioneers for these formulas and this song stimulate the formula just perfect.

4. iamNEETA - Terima Kasih

Although I admitted before that I don't really listen to Malay songs, but it doesn't mean I abandoned the scene completely. I have been searching this song for quite a while now since I first listened to it on a bus on the way to UMS, and I found it like 3 days ago. There is a little resemblance between the song and Karma by Cokelat, but a good song, is a good song. And Nita has one of the most angelic voices ever.

3. Avril Lavigne - Hush Hush

The motherfucking princess is back with another album (a flop one, again) and I personally think that this is the top 3 best songs from the album. Avril is known for her pop rock/pop punk influence in her song, but she did ballad extremely well also. Remember this and this?

2. Britney Spears - Work Bitch


1. Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

I know I am late to the party, but I don't give a fuck. This song has been on heavy rotation on my playlist. I just love the song although I hate JT to death. Plus, there are so many brilliant covers of the song like this and this and it just add to my craziness towards the song. Plus, there is a rumor that this song is actually dedicated not to his wife, but to his legendary ex, Miss Britney Spears.

There you have it for now. See you on the next edition!

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